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RiptidePR has developed a system that is much more deeply rooted in technical processes, than standard press dissemination. Also more effective than press release services, or services such as (who asks clients to do the work, lol). We ask clients what type of articles / news do you want Google to display. What ‘news’ do you want associated with this term? What news do you want to generate? What direction do you want the news results to flow in? Google is a lucid, live entity that aggregates data points and assesses relevance, constantly, continuously. It is never ‘set’, it is never done, it never stops. It assesses the current, it compares the past, it determines the future. A few links, or even a few hundred links, are not going to alter what Google deems relevant to a keyword or phrase. It is not then, surprising, that a “lucid”, “live” entity is exactly what Google’s algorithms find sufficiently compelling to revaluate, acknowledge and assign relevance to. Our system provides this environment, facilitates relevance assessment and affects associations on a core, algorithmic level, at a substantially accelerated rate. Our system is continuously generating network associations that grow relevance in perpetuity, as opposed to a press-dump that begins to dissipate as soon as it’s released.

Unrivaled Expertise

We have hundreds of years of combined experience, and have developed a succinct system, that is literally “unrivaled” in it’s effectiveness.

Our system processes are either manually executed by us, or programmed into our automated systems. Our system executes, builds and maintains search engine dominance year round, like a PR agent working for you 24 / 7 without sleep (make that 2 or 3 PR agents without sleep, plus all the pizza they want), which is not an exaggeration.

A More Effective System

A press release appears as self promotion, has diminished cache and is extremely short-lived. Many publications in a press release network only maintain the publication for a short time, and most display a “sponsored” designation and may limit what your content can consist of. But, that matters little as 99% won’t make an appearance of any significance in the search results. Analyzing the results of any previous press release will most likely bring disappointing results.

Our system creates PERMANENT and continued search engine presence on the precise keywords and phrases you select.

– Bonafide news sources which Google recognizes
– Developer API’s from social media & on-page website operations
– Programmed Automations (Various Executions)
– Press Release (designed specifically for our service process)

These are the broad components of the absolute most sophisticated, unique and effective system available.

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