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Angie Pedigo of WayMakers to be Featured on Close Up Radio

LAFAYETTE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2022 /⁨⁩/ — Whether it’s heroine, cocaine, eating disorders, or any other habit, millions of Americans struggle every year with addictions bringing devastation and misery to their families who …


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LAFAYETTE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2022 / — Whether it’s heroine, cocaine, eating disorders, or any other habit, millions of Americans struggle every year with addictions bringing devastation and misery to their families who share in their pain. The good news is that although overcoming addiction is extremely challenging, recovery is absolutely achievable. However, after you make the courageous decision to seek treatment, the process of integrating back into daily life can be very challenging, even after completing an excellent recovery program. Where do we find additional support to help prevent relapse and unequivocally maintain long term sobriety?

Angie Pedigo is a Certified Professional Life and Recovery Coach for WayMakers Center, an excellent faith-based life enhancement and addiction recovery service center.

“We understand you will not necessarily come out of a treatment center fully ready to integrate back into daily life. As your recovery coach, I offer you recovery tools while guiding you through the process of developing healthy habits and excellent coping mechanisms. Working a faith-based recovery program, you become strengthened, encouraged, and will experience such a profound self-love. By healing the hurt behind the habit, you can begin to free yourself from the burden of addiction, find hope, and genuinely love life again.”

As a faith based non profit coaching facility, WayMakers Center has increased immensely. It is such a unique center for recovery from addictions of all kinds through profound mentoring and support services. Offering a wide array of options, they help people in recovery to live a substance free life, where individuals can move forward with grace and renewed self awareness.

What led Angie to her inspiring work began during the last few years of her 15 year banking career as a commercial lender. Throughout her life, she had struggled with her own addictions, overcoming one only to replace it with another. Several of her family members also battled substance addictions which had such a shattering impact on her family. During prayer early one morning, she was led by God to find a more enlightened path and began volunteering at a women’s recovery home with music and Bible studies. After a year of volunteer work there, God was just getting started with her calling to help on a larger scale with those battling addictions and their families. Today, her passion is to help the whole family unit heal, not just the person.

“We tell everyone that it’s okay to not be okay. Our hurts and wounds will not go away by ignoring them, rather they will resurface eventually. Don’t allow your addiction to define you. Acknowledge it, process it, and embrace it. As your personal coach, I will guide you through your ardous journey during your most challenging moments and celebrate your healing. My goal is for you to experience freedom from the cycle of addiction while empowering you to live a sober life at your pace of growth.

With the assistance of an amazing 12 Step program and other recovery tools for dealing with shame, guilt, and loss, you find hope and strength to do life on life’s terms. Angie says every single one of us can benefit from this wonderful program, whether it’s food addictions, gambling, anger, grief, or some other hang-up. No matter what you are struggling with, it is highly effective and life changing. When entering the program Angie says recovery becomes a way of life. The program works as long as you continue to work it. When we begin to think we don’t need it, that’s when we need it the most.

Families impacted by a loved-one struggling with substance use often experience their own hurts, fears, and honestly don’t know how to communicate with them. Even when their loved one enters recovery, the family needs that same time to heal and learn about addiction so that they are prepared to support their loved one on their recovery journey. Working with families on things like enabling, codependence, setting healthy boundaries, and how the brain heals, families begin to understand their loved-one in all new ways.

“Furthermore, we take people from incarceration or recovery homes and help them find jobs get their license back and find them places to live or recovery centers to transition to. Additionally, we help set them up for monetary success by teaching them basic budgeting skills.”

“We must be mindful that every life is worth saving. We can live a more purposeful life with God and one another when we have a listening ear and are able to show empathy to those in need.”

Close Up Radio will feature Angie Pedigo in an interview with Jim Masters on Tuesday August 2nd at 12pm EST and on Tuesday August 9th at 12pm EST with Doug Llewelyn.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

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