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Developing Custom App in Xamarin is the Best Option for B2B and B2C Business

NYC, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2022 /⁨⁩/ — Xamarin is a free, open-source, and cross-platform that is used for building iOS and Android applications with C# and .Net. With Xamarin tools, the developers could build Native, iOS, …


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Xamarin is the best B2B and B2C Business

Xamarin is the Best Option for Your B2B and B2C Business

NYC, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2022 / — Xamarin is a free, open-source, and cross-platform that is used for building iOS and Android applications with C# and .Net. With Xamarin tools, the developers could build Native, iOS, Android, and Windows apps across multiple platforms. An Android application could help to grow the business in several ways.

Mobile applications are gaining popularity, and it seems that developers have gone beyond the logic of coding. Whether you are using a UI across a platform or building a native user interface, Xamarin apps meet user expectations. Businesses are always leaning to hire expert programmers when it comes to Xamarin.

While there are many ways of writing mobile applications, for most situations native-hybrid development using Xamarin is a solid choice. It has the advantages of being cross-platform, and provides maximum code reuse and maintainability, while at the same time avoiding the disadvantage of being non-performing or non-native that some other cross-platform frameworks have. Moon Technolabs is the answer enterprises looking for. It is the top Xamarin app development company in India and USA. Apart from these abilities, let us see what makes Xamarin one of the best choices for developing mobile apps for B2B and B2C businesses.

What Makes Xamarin the Best Choice For B2B & B2C For Custom App Development?

While most of the businesses whether a large-scale enterprise or a small business or B2B or B2C for that matter use Xamarin when it comes to cross-platform development and custom mobile app development cost. We’ll see the reasons to understand this clearly. One needs to look out for an IT firm that can handle everything. Moon Technolabs is the best Xamarin app development company in India and USA for Xamarin development.

Below is a list of the reasons that will help to understand why Xamarin is one of the best choices for developing mobile apps:

(1) Single Language and Multiple Platforms
Anyone familiar with C# language and .NET framework can churn out apps targeting Android, iOS, Windows, and even Mac desktop applications. This common language is a huge advantage and enabler for developers. Apart from developers, this is helpful even for team leads and managers as it offers better manageability of the overall product development. As this avoids the need for maintenance of multiple elaborate teams for each platform, this results in savings of cost and time. The Xamarin app development cost varies on these factors.

(2) Native Performance
Xamarin apps work directly on the hardware, rather than on abstractions like webviews, as Phonegap/Ionic apps do. Also, they take advantage of platform-specific hardware acceleration and are also compiled for native performance. All these lead to a great performance on the device, equaling apps written for that platform in a native way.

(3) Reusable Code
Xamarin provides several ways to share code across platforms, such as Shared Projects, Portable Class Libraries (PCL), and .Net Standard Libraries. In addition, by using the newer Xamarin.Forms framework, the same code base can be used across platforms much further than before. Resulting in the possibility of 30-90% code reusability, depending on the requirements. One can hire expert programmers to work on the Xamarin development.

(4) Native User Experience
A big factor in driving user adoption of a mobile app is the experience provided to the end-user. Typically, a platform user expects some things to be in a specific way, for the user to be intuitive. For example, Android users are used to having back button navigation, or a dropdown control appearing in a particular way, which is different from an iOS user’s expectation. With Xamarin, even if we are using a cross-platform environment, you do not lose anything on the User Experience front, as the controls & structure of the screens, and navigation follows the guidelines of each platform automatically.

(5) 100% API Coverage on iOS and Android
Xamarin commits to making 100% of the APIs provided by Android and iOS platforms available to Xamarin developers, almost as soon as they are available in their native code bases. This means developers do not have any delay in starting to use those APIs once it is released on their native platforms.

(6) Gold-Class Integrated Development Environment
Hats off to Microsoft on this front; they provide a top-of-the-line developer experience with their great development environment Visual Studio. The visual studio is integrated very tightly with other tools such as TFS for source code control, continuous integration, and Cloud Testing using Xamarin Test Cloud – which is all a part of what Microsoft calls ‘Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS).

(7) Better Coordinated Releases in Android and iOS
As development on both platforms is done by mostly the same development team, features and fixes get ready for both simultaneously. Thereby, avoiding the manager’s efforts in keeping track of things like what features are in production for each platform.

(8) Well Managed and Focused
Xamarin is currently owned by Microsoft, which means it is very well managed and focused, building on Microsoft’s huge experience in developing software solutions. At the same time, Xamarin is based on the Mono framework, which is open source. Xamarin Software Development Kit (SDK) is also open-sourced. This gives the developers the option to go as deep as they want, to understand how the platform works.

Xamarin – The Best Cross-Platform & Custom Tool for App Development
When it comes to mobile applications, you can’t ignore Xamarin. It is a tool used for cross-platform mobile app development and allows the developers to share nearly 90% of code across several platforms. Xamarin is based on the Microsoft technology stack and has a community of over 1.2 million developers. It can help build applications using C#. The new concept that developers now work on is Xamarin vs. Native.

Xamarin is a robust cross-platform app development that helps to build a single app for different devices. It is a streamlined mobile application platform that allows to deliver solutions for different platforms at once, instead of doing it separately. Xamarin is considered to be a robust language for large applications. It is user-friendly and allows development companies to respond to every requirement of the customers without putting much effort.

However, it has benefits and limitations as well. Before planning to build a mobile app with Xamarin, know its key features of it.

Features of Xamarin and Reasons for its Popularity

Here are the amazing features of Xamarin and the reasons why it has become a foremost choice of developers.

(1) It Uses Object-Oriented Language
Xamarin uses C# programming language for mobile applications. It is a modern version of C++ and offers significant improvements against Javascript and Objective C.

The language is object-oriented and has straightforward syntax making it possible for the developers to use headers and pointers. It is functional for multiple platforms and offers high performance.

(2) It Consists of Xamarin Android, iOS, Test Cloud, and HockeyApp
Xamarin has different compilation strategies. Xamarin iOS is used for iOS development. It allows the developers to build iOS applications with the same UI controls that are offered for other platform apps.

Xamarin.Android is used for Android app development. It is first compiled into intermediate language and then later converted into the unique-assembly code in run-time. Also, Android has become a great choice for building on-demand applications.

Xamarin frameworks are another important feature of mobile app development. It is separate from Xamarin. Android and Xamarin.iOS. It offers different ways to design the UI of mobile applications. Initially, you code the Native UI for each platform with a single codebase. Secondly, you code UI for different platforms with 100% sharing. Developers could create a prototype or a mobile app with a design that has a similar code for Android and iOS.

While Xamarin.Forms create apps for Android and iOS, Xamarin. Mac is a product of a framework that allows to design apps for macOS.
Xamarin Test Cloud is used for testing Xamarin code on several platforms. It is a cloud-based application and provides tools that support automated UI acceptance. HockeyApp is used to collect feedback for the app. You could choose the combination of the .NET library functionally and Mac OS X APIs for mobile applications.

What’s amazing is with Xamarin, 0-80% of code could be reused and constructed in C#. The amount of code that could be reused depends on the model of Xamarin development chosen between forms, iOS, and android.

(3) It has Access to Platform-SDKs
It has access to platform SDKs, Cocoa Touch, AndroidSDKs, for iOS. The integration provides support for the application features, from the time it is inserted into the device’s OS.

(4) It Works on Smart Devices Including Wearable Tech
It not only supports the development of mobile applications but also works on smart devices like wearable tech. Developers could use Visual Studio to create applications for Windows, Mac, and smartwatches.

(5) Native Applications
Everyone prefers using native applications for their business. It is secure and offers the best user experience. Thus, the Native mobile app is the future of mobile applications. Xamarin is a unique approach and provides the advantages of native UI. It gives access to specific features and reduces the development cycle.

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