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Development and Integration Coach Joe Carapella to be Featured on Close Up Radio

CLINTON, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, July 11, 2022 /⁨⁩/ — Every company and business needs professional coaches to help engage and motivate employees to reach their full performance potential. With the workplace shifting so dramatically, …


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CLINTON, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, July 11, 2022 / — Every company and business needs professional coaches to help engage and motivate employees to reach their full performance potential. With the workplace shifting so dramatically, now more than ever businesses need to attract impactful talent. and pinpoint the next generation of leaders within their organizations. As a CEO or business owner you may consider hiring external coaches. Many companies are realizing the benefits of looking within the company and working with internal coaches as well.

Joe Carapella is a top notch Development and Integration coach with proven results currently working in a large global organization.

“My focus is to build a sustainable and scalable operation where emerging leaders can seek and have access to dedicated coaching resources within the organization. There is reliable data backing up the fact that working with a coach is one of the most highly effective ways to help people optimize performance and growth – especially in the face of unprecedented change. As a coach, I leverage my natural curiosity, along with a vision and strategically aligned approach to help people accelerate and heighten their engagement, satisfaction and productivity levels with a clear focus on goals.”

Internal coaching is when coaches and coachees work within the same organization. An important component of building an internal coaching culture is to infuse coaching skills in all people leaders and influencers within an organization. When you couple this with strong mentorship and advocacy programs, you start to promote a clear commitment to helping employees succeed. You will magnify an employee’s contributions and development when you layer this with a program that enables people to work with coaches within their organization, with shared experiences and who have “skin in the game”. An internal coach understands the company’s culture, mission and goals. An effective internal program is one where the coaches are focused on coaching as a primary role and responsibility and are specifically trained to work with people who do not report to them.

According to Joe, leaders must be better prepared to address today’s rapidly evolving workforce, employee issues and concerns and the expectations of the talent they are looking to attract. He says professional coaching provides long-term solutions to minimize pressures and growing uncertainty regarding navigating career goals and the challenges employees face. Most understandably, employees do not always feel comfortable discussing their anxieties and growth goals with their direct supervisor. Known for his insightful, pragmatic, down to earth approach, Joe asks probing questions, and inspires individuals to navigate challenges with confidence and clarity.

Perhaps they are middle managers or mid senior executives stuck in a particular area seeking to achieve strategic professional goals. Or they are new leaders or experienced leaders transitioning into new roles and responsibilities. Joe guides them to build clartity on their goals, invest in self-awareness, discover blind spots, and identify multiple options and paths.

Joe emphasizes to clients his role as a coach by first discussing expectations. For instance, if your goal is to acquire a new position within the company Joe makes it clear he will help you navigate towards this by working with you to recognize why the position interests you, ensuring there Is clarity on how it aligns with your goals and working with you to design your approach.

Currently Joe is engaged in mergers and acquisitions assisting two company cultures grapple with how to assimilate in their new roles and helping leaders find their voice.

He adamantly encourages all organizations to adopt a coaching culture as a ticket to their company’s success. It’s clear that when the workforce feels supported they will be more productive, engaged and innovative, resulting in new ideas and lower turnover which is a win-win for all.

“When you’re struggling to achieve the change or results you want it is absolutely ok to reach out for help. Look at people you identify as successful – in business, athletics, communities – and you will see they have a team of people around them, helping them succeed. Take the time to explore it as a path to happiness and fulfillment. I am here to coach you to success in your personal and professional goals.”

Close Up Radio will feature Joe Carapella in an interview with Jim Masters on Wednesday July 13th at 11am Eastern

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Written By: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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