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Erika Stroh of Parent From The Heart to be Featured on Close Up Radio

HEWLETT, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2022 /⁨⁩/ — Raising children is one of the most rewarding yet difficult jobs we will ever face. In today’s chaotic world it’s become even more challenging to nurture well-adjusted young people. …


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HEWLETT, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2022 / — Raising children is one of the most rewarding yet difficult jobs we will ever face. In today’s chaotic world it’s become even more challenging to nurture well-adjusted young people. Fortunately, by working with a highly trained individual there are simple ways to shift your mindset and acquire the skills necessary for creating strong, safe, secure, and stable relationships with their children.

Erika is a retired Certified New York State Teacher, Parent Coach, Relationship Counselor and Educational Consultant and owner of Parent From The Heart.

“Bringing children into the world is a gift and we need to take our roles seriously,” says Erika. “We are their first teachers and greatest influence. We must support and empower our children while encouraging them to be authentic, kind, and compassionate. So, let’s lead by example!”

My objective is to create the most loving family environment and create that ripple effect for generations to come. Research supports this fundamentally starting with the family, the relationship between parent and child, to build a strong foundation for positive health well-being.”

The core of her mission is to empower and educate parents, to help them discover their inner voice and instincts in order to create a better future for themselves, their children and generations to come.

Prior to opening up her coaching practice, Erika was a classroom teacher, coordinated programs and facilitated workshops for students, parents and educators in schools and local community organizations across Long Island. She focused on skill building in the areas of positive communication, conflict resolution, peer mediation, character development, emotional intelligence, and growth mindset.

As much as she passionately enjoyed teaching and thrived in her profession, she often noticed how much time was spent at parent-teacher conferences discussing parenting issues providing suggestions and strategies to those incessantly struggling to find peace in their homes. Inevitably, these same issues were creating behavior challenges and learning obstacles for the children in her classroom and needed to be addressed with a more holistic approach.

“Within the school system however, there just wasn’t enough time and too many restrictions to dive deeper and provide them with the support these parents actually needed. It became clear to me that there was a greater need to help, support and guide parents in discovering their true potential in parenting and I knew I had found my calling.”

She witnessed countless parents struggling to engage with their kids with a deeper understanding, compassion and respect. They were frustrated and exhausted, felt powerless and unprepared to handle the inevitable yet common conflicts that naturally occur in parenting on a daily basis. They needed education, tools, skills, and proper guidance to learn how to raise children effectively with more patience, presence, and persistence.

Through her decades of experience, Erika has always chosen to work with each client on a unique basis asking key questions to encourage self-awareness, increase clarity, consciousness and confidence so they become better able to relate to their children’s ever changing needs. As a result, children are more likely to become accomplished, expressive, grounded, kind, compassionate, wholesome adults prepared to lead purposeful and peaceful lives.

Erika reminds us that coaching is beneficial for all parents, from those just starting out, to those with more experience raising children. In addition to families wishing to address specific challenges, coaching serves to provide valuable insights and personalized guidance for everyday parenting situations. It’s an opportunity for parents to dedicate time and space in their busy lives to focus on their most essential role, their ongoing pursuit to becoming a positive influence, nurturing caregiver and unconditionally loving presence for their growing children.

In contrast to seeking therapy for a child who may be struggling, and parents who tend to view the child as the one needing to be “fixed” Erika asserts that we must be open and willing to reflect more deeply upon our relationships, family dynamics and home environment, first and foremost. Parent coaching can illuminate underlying elements such as beliefs, behavior patterns and unresolved trauma that is getting in the way of showing up fully for children and meeting their needs productively.

“Oftentimes, parents simply react rather than respond thoughtfully when their children “misbehave.” They feel triggered and in turn overreact, yell and/or resort to punitive measures. In my experience, most parents are remorseful and battle with guilt afterwards, yet frustrated by not knowing a better way to handle their emotions or situation overall. Coaching aims to help parents become more proactive, reflective, and mindful. It is a rewarding process that integrates practical strategies with personal growth.

Erika has acquired over twenty years of experience in the fields of psychology, education and child development from her professional career and in her personal life as a mother to two extraordinary young adults, now ages 18 and 20.

With her ongoing objective to support, educate and empower parents, caregivers and professionals, Erika continues to offer her workshops to schools across Long Island and beyond.

“The exciting and inspiring news is that there are proven, data-based ways to raise healthy children and set them up for success fundamentally through in-depth training for parents.”

Close Up Radio will feature Erika Stroh in an interview with Jim Masters on Tuesday July 12th at 2pm EST

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