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FilmoCrat Blockchain Generates Real Productive Value While Eliminating Entry Barriers to the Film Sector

FilmoCrat Pioneers an NFT Film Releasing Platform, Updates Streaming Markets via Blockchain, and Attracts Independent Investors to Revamping the Sector

DELAWARE CITY, DELAWARE, US, June 7, 2022 /⁨⁩/ — FilmoCrat backs cinematic productions …


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An emblem expressing dynamics of NFT film finance and distribution

FilmoCrat Pioneers an NFT Film Releasing Platform, Updates Streaming Markets via Blockchain, and Attracts Independent Investors to Revamping the Sector

DELAWARE CITY, DELAWARE, US, June 7, 2022 / — FilmoCrat backs cinematic productions with blockchain embedding equity funding and ROI automation; An NFT equity participation model will help the Industry solve viewer migration issues and give the Sector a more robust online traction.

Viewership, Film Equities, and Direct Value Capture will shape the success of VOD media in the nearest future. While online gaming and sports streaming bring a daily dose of thrills to people, other fans may seek different engagement: new interactive film formats will attract storytelling lovers and lift its streaming expansion globally. A blockchain entertainment enterprise can bring such forms—but two obstacles keep the film industry from such substantive growth.

• The lack of an equity platform connecting Filmmakers to Co-Investors
• Absence of a crowded campus that greenlights films for production.

FilmoCrat fills these gaps.

It develops a Film Releasing Platform that connects Filmmakers to Investors and Fans. It will raise content output contracts and tie streaming to direct value acquirement. The venue is opening production participation opportunities via a crowdfunding model of a non-fungible token (NFT). The merit is that it includes equity funding and equity cognizant VOD monetization, and it can forward segregated returns to investors’ wallets in real time.

How It Works
Imagine your avatar as the master of ceremonies, hosting a virtual reality show in the next-gen Metaverse. You will leap into holographic action and journey across interactive film teasers, up-voting the ones you love. Members and honorable guests will bet to top up production budgets expecting returns, notoriety, and a fun, immersive experience.

The above isn’t just a concept—it’s an actual set of possibilities being developed by FilmoCrat in a long-term movie rollout agenda. The program will entwine Hollywood productions with metaverse projection technologies in a competitive, contest-like environment. A Reality Show Theater will hold such contests, welcoming producers to pursue production funding through the Pannel of NFT Film Investors. The Theater will be an Interactive Arena for fans, and beta audiences will judge the competition.

On the back-end side, the Platform relies on blockchain to maximize the automation of film lifecycles and related transactions. It also ensures the system’s monetary stability against any crypto-related market fluctuations. Hence, it uses USD pegged coins to enable process automation and settle all incoming and outgoing payments in fiat cash.

Investors can only acquire shares in film projects, not ready blockbusters. With the launch of the premieres, their holdings become Smart Assets in grossing movies, which can be traded on Smart Asset Exchange.

Nonetheless, the Panel of Funders must continuously repay balloters the voting favor. It will reward beta voters with mined Kino Coins—the system’s native token convertible to movie shares – precisely by voting.

Other systems’ advantages are;

• Syndication of Entertainment funding
• The wisdom of the crowds in content validation
• Reduced financial risk in new film productions

Contrary to the traditionally hermetic film finance channels, the NFT Film Market offers an open system that can quickly react to socioeconomic trends. It brings ongoing market insights based on the beta audiences’ best-voted film projects. And that makes it a truly dynamic market.

With wealth management and digital asset processing technology in place, the Platform will offer funders an edge in allocating smart money to premium films. Simultaneously, it will help filmmakers boost creative output while promoting new inclusive economies.

If you wish to allocate funds to the program, take advantage of an Early Adopters Opportunity.

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