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How HypeFactory built employee onboarding experience

HypeFactory, a global influencer marketing agency, revealed the secrets of convenient and effective onboarding of new team members

LONDON, UK, July 27, 2022 /⁨⁩/ — For large international companies where hiring is rather active and the …


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HypeFactory, a global influencer marketing agency, revealed the secrets of convenient and effective onboarding of new team members

LONDON, UK, July 27, 2022 / — For large international companies where hiring is rather active and the team is steadily expanding, the issue of optimizing recruiting processes, as well as making fast and comfortable adaptation of new employees is always vital. This is especially relevant in cases when you hire staff in various parts of the world and your team turns out to be quite diverse — because in this case, in order to make high-quality team building and develop corporate culture, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the mentality, traditions and character of employees from different countries.

Today HypeFactory recruits talents all over the world, and one of the key responsibilities of the company’s HR managers is to provide them with comfortable onboarding and build a strong internal culture. During its existence, the HypeFactory HR department has faced up to many ups and downs, gained valuable experience, radically restructured various internal processes, and developed an effective onboarding strategy for new team members, which has already shown excellent results. There are several key points for its successful implementation.

1. Pay special attention to pre-onboarding and the initial stages of employee adaptation

The best option is to start the onboarding process in advance before a new team member begins working — on average, in 1-2 weeks ahead. Such a pre-onboarding allows an employee to get acquainted with the company’s culture, learn the main important points and start working already having a certain idea about a new employer — this significantly reduces the stress level of the first day and makes employees feel more secure and comfortable it more comfortable.

Also, do not neglect welcome letters and welcome books. At HypeFactory, these books have all the basic information that a new team member may need. Competent structure and conveniently compiled checklists make the presentation of the material as clear and visual as possible. In addition, there is an online portal that contains all the services necessary for employees.

At the first stages of adaptation, new hires can be stressed out — that is why it is necessary to have a clear plan. At HypeFactory HRs together with managers develop individual onboarding plans for the entire probation — so the employees understand what is expected of them, and also see their progress and growth areas.

Induction trainingtrainings from company executives isare held once a month on a regular basis — this gives newcomers the chance to learn more not only about their job responsibilities, but also about the vision structure of the company. They get a better understanding of how the whole company works, how the departments interact with one another and get educated about the products and services the business offers.

2. Make sure that everything is ready for the employee to start their work

It is vital that the hiring managers have everything they need ready for the moment when a new team member joins the company — for example, an onboarding plan and enough time to get the employee acquainted with the company.

If your company provides employees with technical equipment for work, make sure that the laptop will be delivered on time — when team members live in different parts of the world, there are a lot of logistics-related issues, and it is important that they work well. So it’s really important that your admin team is creative and eager to find the easiest way to get the laptop delivered on time to some faraway country.

3. Manage relationships within the team

Nowadays many companies offer remote work, and it becomes especially vital that employees do not feel cut off from the team and can build warm friendly relations with colleagues.

Regular video meetings will help in this case. HypeFactory holds townhalls once a month during which all monthly achievements and cases are presented to all staff and it’s also an opportunity to ask questions and communicate with colleagues, establish contact and make new friends. By the way, if the team is located in various countries, it is very convenient to use special services to find convenient meeting times in different time zones — for example, the TimeAndDate.

New hires may be shy at first and have some difficulties with making friends — that’s why the HypeFactory HR managers help new employees make their first connections: as a rule, they know new employees better and introduce them to colleagues who have similar interests hobbies. Also we love hosting theme parties, I guess we do it every 3 months in different locations. Recently we organized a 00s Party and Fiesta Latina. Even a small informal gathering can help a lot in getting to know your new colleagues and feel more relaxed and chill.

The newcomers also have a separate online chat — it is important that they always have the chance to ask any question and get an answer from the seniors, HR and Admin Teams, as well as get to know each other. At the end of the probation, the employees are congratulated and excluded from the chat — because now they are no longer new, but more experienced!

Last but not the least — at HypeFactory, every new hire has a buddy who can prompt, teach and help at the initial stages, if such a need arises. Sometimes it’s much harder to ask your manager about something unrelated to work, so it’s nice to have someone who you can talk to about company’s traditions, people and even gossip (JK):).

Be sure to collect feedback from the employee during the adaptation and at the end of it — this will give you the opportunity to understand in a timely manner what points can be improved and how to make onboarding in your company even more effective. Learn how to listen to your employees, take notes of their first impressions, care for take care of them and don’t be afraid to experiment — an HR manager has to should always think outside the box now.

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