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“No More,” It's Not Just A Song: It's A Movement

Gospel songstress Archduchess of Divinity's new song is a plea to end sensless violence, hatred and injustice

HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2022 /⁨⁩/ — Universal Music Group recording artist Archduchess of Divinity has …


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No More Poster


Archduchess and Elder Walter Frank Sr. on the Red Carpet for No More

Gospel songstress Archduchess of Divinity’s new song is a plea to end sensless violence, hatred and injustice

No more bloodshed, please.”

— Archduchess of Divinity

HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2022 / — Universal Music Group recording artist Archduchess of Divinity has released her third single for Zarapath Enterprises and Eddie’s Angel Records and it comes with a message that is set to rock more than just Gospel enthusiasts. Following in the footsteps of great crossover stars like Sam Cooke and Mahalia Jackson, Archduchess of Divinity is planting herself face forward in this new movement to help bring peace love and understanding to the entire world. The new single is the latest from an EP set to be released later this year

The song “No More,” is a call for all of us from Capitol Hill to Main Street to stop the senseless tragic violence that we are seeing more and more of. The song evokes the names of slain martyrs Anthony McClain, Dante Wright, Steven Bullock, George Floyd, and others as she sings, “No more police brutality, ” Stop seeing us as trees.” But this is much more than a song of support for the Black Lives Matters Movement, it also is a cry for, “No more school shootings,” ” Columbine… Sandy Hook…Parkland;” “No more holocaust,” No more 911s,” No More Hiroshima’s” And the chorus begs God “No more bloodshed, please.”

The music video had its red carpet premier to a star studded packed house at The Laemmle Theater in Glendale California. The crowd oohed and awed and gave the video a rousing round of applause. The music video, available on YouTube, Vevo, Second Team Entertainment on Roku, was directed by Michael Barnett, and uses powerful archival footage as well as beautiful and tragic imagery to drive home the message that this needs to be more than just a song, it needs to be a movement. Barnett uses black and white footage of Martin Luther King Jr, Malcom X, the Newark riots from 1967, and brings us to the present with footage of George Floyd and the BLM protests of today. He also uses archival footage of the holocaust, an atomic bomb test, and anti-gun protests of today. One of the most poignant moments of the video comes as the music stops and we see a gun being fired out of a car window, and a cut to a woman (Yvonne Trice, who actually lost her son to gun violence), crying over a headstone in a graveyard. The video also shows Archduchess of Divinity leading protesters wearing No More t-shirts, as a call to action.

Like “People Get Ready,” “No More, ” is more than a gospel song. It is a call to action. A call for all of us to raise our voices together, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual prederence, or religious beliefs, and sing “No more bloodshed, please. ” Archduchess of Divinity will be using this platform on upcoming tours and personal appearances to spread The Word. Watch for future announcements for how you can join this growing powerful movement.

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