Online Election PR Media for Search Engine Results

A Winning Formula for Online Election News Cycles

RiptidePR system is so very perfect for the online news cycle battles involved in political campaigns today. Control the news that reaches your electorate. Strengthen the news that benefits your positions, diminish the news that weakens them.

From design to dissemination to relevance coordination, we create a winning presence for your election campaign.

RiptidePR’s founders were instrumental in the advent of the “online relevance management” industry creating one of the pioneers of “reverse SEO” services.

From opposition research to editorial flow, there is no firm with more technical ability to affect the response of search engine relevance assessment on a core level, creating permanent associations of positivity, as opposed to fleeting ones.

Content Creation & Optimization
We don’t just create content, we create news. Positive news shift, with more representational content indexed into Google.

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