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My client, an executive, who got into an altercation with police and ended up being arrested for DUI during the middle of the night. We were concerned about a pending article as press was aware and interested about the incident. Riptide PR had new, positive press up the next morning that was immediately indexed into Google Search results effectively lowering the rank of the articles associated with the arrest! My client thinks I am a miracle worker.


I am in in-house PR agent for a hospital corporation. Unbeknownst to us there was an allegation concerning fraud within our organization. An article regarding the allegation appeared in the regional press and quickly became the number one search engine result associated with our hospital. This was unacceptable, and constituted a full blown crisis. I contacted Riptide PR based on a recommendation from a peer. I don’t know how, but Riptide was able to place two links on top of the story that same day. By the end of the week, there were five positive articles above the offending listing. They had placed links to several different sections of our own website in each article. Now, our own Website is also outranking the story and it is no longer on the first page.


I was an assistant campaign manager for a congressional candidate. My responsibility included online and search engine results. During the latter stages of the campaign, an allegation against our opponent was on the record but never made the press. We kept searching Google believing we would see the story, but it never appeared. I contacted RiptidePR to inquire why the record was not appearing in Google. The professionals at Riptide said they could have the record appear at the top of related searches within 24 hours, and they weren’t joking around. Our opponent was blindsided by the press and we went on to defeat them only days later.

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