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Popular US-based scary story listening app Chilling announces Jamie Kennedy has joined the team as an advisor

Chilling is excited to announce that industry veteran Jamie Kennedy has joined their team as an advisor.

RALEIGH, NC, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2022 /⁨⁩/ — The world’s leading scary story platform, Chilling, is excited to announce that …


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Jamie Kennedy

Chilling is excited to announce that industry veteran Jamie Kennedy has joined their team as an advisor.

RALEIGH, NC, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2022 / — The world’s leading scary story platform, Chilling, is excited to announce that Jamie Kennedy has joined their team as an advisor. Jamie is a veteran of the industry, working in some of the biggest franchises in the horror industry. He is known for working in one of the biggest American slasher film franchises, ‘Scream.’ He has also acted in various other horror movies such as ‘Trick,’ ‘Foreclosed,’ ‘The Sand,’ ‘Bermuda Tentacles’, and many more. His works have impacted an entire generation, making them fall in love with the characters he played. The seasoned actor, podcaster, and screenwriter bring years of experience to help the team at the platform navigate this period of tremendous growth and development. The platform hopes to add a lot of new flavors and excitement to its already amazing production with the expertise and advice of the horror-expert Jamie Kennedy.

Chilling has recently accomplished another milestone in its path to success. The platform has completed the Pre-Seed Accelerator Program by NewChip, a global organization helping more than 1,500 startups grow and achieve success in an extremely short time. Chilling: Scary Horror Stories has already launched its app successfully for both Android and iOS users on Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively. They have been able to receive 4.8 stars from global users who have found the app very innovative and satisfying to use. NewChip has already powered various startups in over 50 countries all around the world and with their Pre-Seed Accelerator Program, the horror app is aiming to accumulate a massive revenue, establishing a stronghold in the global horror industry.

Horror is a genre that people from all over the world have loved for centuries. The human mind is always attracted to the unknown and the thrill of exploring the same. And horror is a genre that can satisfy that thirst in people no matter where they are from. Hollywood has been the center of attraction for horror lovers for decades. But contemporary horror works done in Hollywood has become mundane and repetitive. People are tired of watching these mass-produced, unoriginal, low-quality productions. There is no room for independent creators who bring fresh new perspectives and ideas to the plate and cannot gain the exposure they deserve. Horror enthusiasts have been searching for a place that can provide them with seamless entertainment based on horror. That is when Chilling entered the game, providing a full-fledged platform that serves as the central hub for all things horror. It gives independent creators a platform to share their original and innovative content and compete against all the studios that create generic material to hit metrics and sell tickets.
Chilling is building a platform that gives full control to the diverse and loyal horror community by giving them the opportunity to give and receive feedback on the content they create and others create. On the Chilling, content is co-created based on shared ideas and the demands of diehard horror fans. The platform is equipped with the latest technologies, tools, and methods to produce the most horrid and terrifying audio scary stories that the listeners are fans of. They come armed with top-talent narrations, shiver-inducing ASMRs, horror classics brought back to life, hundreds of new stories added each month, and more. Chilling is not interested in following the dull and tedious trend of Hollywood. Instead, it aims to offer the audience the most horrifying yet pleasurable experience that will make even the most tenured horror lover’s blood run cold. They will professionally produce the content as the content receives engagement. The audience previews and feedback system is present at every step of the process.

Horror enthusiasts worldwide have been demanding better horror content for years, but not a single entertainment industry can provide them with that. Horror content creators also can showcase their original and compelling work to the global horror community despite having so much talent and potential. Chilling offers them a platform where their imaginations can run wild and develop the most innovative and unusual horror chronicles that the world has not even expected. Independent content creators and artists can publish their terrifying original stories directly on the app, gaining ample exposure from worldwide horror enthusiasts. The listeners can easily customize their own spine-chilling playlists and layered, volume-controlled ambient sounds to make their listening experience much more authentic and thrilling. The app has become extremely popular among horror lovers from different generations and was featured in Bloody Disgusting and Scream Magazine as well.

The platform not only focuses on offering the most extraordinary and jaw-dropping horror experience to the listeners but accomplishes massive scale revenue earning as well. They have prioritized low-waste, cost-efficient production practices, so they are able to break even on monthly operating expenses in their second month. The Chilling team has worked hard to drive early revenues while keeping subscription costs low to attract even the most cost-conscious horror lovers. Their effort has created a powerful ripple in the global horror community, earning them a huge number of subscribers. They have also added in-the-works revenue streams, including video content, ad revenue, partnerships with publishers, film festivals, Chilling-produced original content, and a lot more to their program. The app currently has over 13,000 monthly subscribers and more than 175,000 users so far. The co-founder’s horror-centric ‘Being Scared; YouTube channel boasts 350K+ subscribers and over 50 million hours watched!

Chilling: Scary Horror Stories is an iOS and Android app that offers a complete horror story listening experience with brilliant narration, audio, and sound effects. Chilling is paving the way for the next generation of streaming platforms with combined audio, video, and social media capabilities into one central experience. The total combined global market of the platform is projected at $2.52T by 2027. To know more about their services, find them at

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