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Ready Writer (Psalm 45:1) has Written a Book That Gives Readers the Answer to Their Spiritual Life

“Answers to Questions You Never Knew to Ask & Let Those that Have an Ear to Hear Let Them Hear”: a book that give readers the answer to their spiritual life.

PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, August 25, 2022 /⁨⁩/ — “Answers to Questions …


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    Answers To Questions You Never
                    Knew To Ask


    Let those that have an ear to hear
                    let them Hear


    Ready Writer (Psalm 45:1), Author

“Answers to Questions You Never Knew to Ask & Let Those that Have an Ear to Hear Let Them Hear”: a book that give readers the answer to their spiritual life.

Please take your time reading this book. For it will be different. Perhaps many things that you never thought to ask, for first, they have to be revealed that we would even think to Ask.”

— Ready Writer (Psalm 45:1)

PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, August 25, 2022 / — “Answers to Questions You Never Knew to Ask & Let Those that Have an Ear to Hear Let Them Hear”: a compelling account designed to bring enlightenment to readers of all ages. This book shows readers how faith can save one’s life from total darkness. “Answers to Questions You Never Knew to Ask & Let Those that Have an Ear to Hear Let Them Hear” is the creation of published author Ready Writer (Psalm 45:1), a retired assistant physical therapist whose interests include worship music, playing acoustic guitar, and receiving revelations from God.

Ready Writer (Psalm 45:1) writes, “Why I started these writings after 42 years of being saved. I had many questions with few answers. I was seeking, searching, asking, knocking at the door, knowing that there was much more than what I was reading and understanding from the Book of Life. I had questions, but few answers came. The book of Life had not yet become the Book of Life to Me due to my lack of understanding. Yet I continued to believe that there was more than what I Understood. What caused me to write these two books; all started with Matthew 25: 8, 9, and the foolish said to the Wise, give us of Your Oil, for our lamps are Going Out. But the wise answered, not so, lest there be not enough for us and you.

“Now this is the verse ‘But Go to ‘THEM’ that ‘SELL,’ and ‘BUY’ for yourselves. The foolish Did Not Ask WHO is SELLING what WE need, what ECONOMY they are to BUT IT WITH, and what are they BUYING? A Question that has an Answer. Luke 12:18, this will I DO, I WILL pull down MY BARNS and build greater! In John 8:4, they said unto Jesus, Master, this woman was taken in Adultery, in the VERY ACT. My question was, why did they only bring the Woman when they were Caught In the Very Act? Deuteronomy 22:22 If a man is found lying with a woman married to a husband, then they shall Both of them Die, both the Man that lay with the woman and the Woman. I was given an answer that satisfied my question. These and Many More Questions I brought before God wanting to know.

“He Said I will feed the hungry, the Hungry Will Hear and be Glad. There are Answers to Our Questions for those who are Seeking, Knocking, and Continual Knocking, Asking, and Keep on Asking, for we are dealing with an un-ending Book for the Questions we have. My Prayer is for the Reader of these books that a Deeper Walk Will Be Found. Jesus Said I have Food that you Know Not Of; that Same Food is for us for the Asking and the taking. May We Hear God’s Voice through These Words. AMEN.”

In his second book, he told a story about the beautiful plans of God for him. It is where readers could realize that no one is capable of doing anything without Him. Ready Writer (Psalm 45:1)’s second book is written to open the eyes of readers so they may be able to see God in their journey.
The author writes in his second book, “I had just finished my first book after two years of writing it. Thinking that I would just take a break now from writing, but God had other plans for me. I just picked up where I left off. Just over a year now, every morning before breakfast, I have one or two manuscripts written. I told God if they keep coming like this, I’ll keep writing. I have nothing planned; after I pray, I start writing. There’s an old song that goes this way.” I can do nothing alone, I’m weak, but my master is strong; I held the pencil, but he wrote this song, for I can do nothing alone.” That’s exactly how my second book has gotten written. Through obedience to listen to what’s being poured into my heart, then I pour it out on paper. What I have written speaks to me, basic and, if to say simple, simplicity of truth that can’t be missed. Therefore we are without excuse. For when He knows that We know where Without Excuse. My prayer is that this book will be just a small part of opening your eyes to a deeper walk through and by the words that have been poured into me from God. AMEN and Thank You All.”

Published by Book Vine Press, Ready Writer (Psalm 45:1)’s new book is a contemporary account that opens the heart of the readers, allowing them to hear God’s voice from their conscience.

Through this book, the author aims to bring light to the readers, allowing them to see God in their lives in the midst of darkness. With this book, the readers’ questions in life will be answered as this book is written and filled with truth from the Almighty.

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