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Sachin Ravindran’s Countless Skill Sets

Every week, New York Art Life finds artists changing the game in the arts.

Sachin Ravindran is a multi-disciplinary Media Professional.

CHELSEA, NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2022 /⁨⁩/ — There are individuals who constantly …


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Sachin Ravindran during the filming


Every week, New York Art Life finds artists changing the game in the arts.
Sachin Ravindran is a multi-disciplinary Media Professional.

Only if you have expert knowledge of equipment and technologies are you able to control your work.”

— Sachin Ravindran

CHELSEA, NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2022 / — There are individuals who constantly challenge the game and bring forward new visions that create eras and movements that define art in different time periods. Ny Art Life Magazine interviews Sachin Ravindran. You will find the complete interview in NYAL Magazine this week.

Sachin Ravindran is a multi-disciplinary Media Professional. He is currently based in Edison, New Jersey while organizing and collaborating with artists at many other cities in the world. His work is mainly concentrated on postproduction. His main topics of interest are national and state politics, human interest, sports and fashion events, business functions, news features, and other stories that consist of intense detail and a unique narrative. His concentration is so amazingly detailed and specific, that he has also organized and arranged multi-cam setups, channel integration, Vsat, Inmarsat, DSNG, and live view operations. But his career only continues; it is every artist’s dream to be able to juggle as many essential skills as a media professional. Sachin has also been active in operating PCR and MCR and working on stories and scripts for documentaries. Furthermore, Sachin also develops stories and scripts for programs and shows he works on personally.

Currently, Sachin Ravindran has been working at Streaming Pixels Media as the creative head. He is also the co-founder of the company, which produces shows and documentaries for different channels. The company also utilizes different tools to manage multi-camera productions. Sachin’s background also includes experience as a media consultant for channels such as Newsnation, NDTV, and Times Now. These channels went to Sachin for in-house productions of multiple channels as he offered his creative input for the variety of shows they had available.

His experience is so rich and deep with stories that changed people’s lives. He had first-hand experience with video journalism, and he worked closely with the first team that launched Times Group’s Business Channel ET Now. He was sent off to find daily material in various ministries as well as corporate houses. He had close work with many major events in which he shot and set up multi cameras for major programs. For instance, he shot for the series Indiamart Leaders of Tomorrow and set up the camera work for Lufthansa Pioneers of Tomorrow. Being an associate producer was one of Sachin’s favorite areas of media production. He also handled the duties of a camera man for both N.D.T.V and MMtv. At the first company, he shot many different news stories and he also became involved in making decisions at the pre-production level of things in addition to postproduction. The documentaries he became invested in also required his input as for the script and to coordinate PCR/MCR.

Sachin Ravindran had a deep passion for camera work and photojournalism from the very start. He was a cameraman for Sun TV Network in which he covered Daily News National, as well as working on individual assignments and independent stories which he shot and developed.

Many of his stories include the bomb blasts for which he was praised for his reporting as many of the shots were extremely exclusive and risky, close to the scene of which the incidents happened. These are testaments of how committed Sachin is to his work. Some of his other risky shots were from events such as Panipat Train Blasts, and Nandigram issue (in Nandigram West), and Delhi’s doctor’s strike. On the flip side, Sachin has also been covering exciting events that were followed by the public closely. He covered the first two seasons of the Indian Premier League, which was a major event with countless numbers of viewers.

Sachin Ravindran has been constantly making big steps on his way to an incredible narrative, which inspires all artists to do the same and to follow the passion in their hearts. He’s worked in exciting venues, and in contrast taken vast risks to cover stories many people want to hear. But this is all part of bringing the dream of a passion to reality.

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New York Art Life Magazine
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