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SBMS Media Discusses Stage Backdrop Costs and Alternative Solutions for Corporate Live Events

Stage backdrops are meant to make an impression, but how much do they cost?

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, August 1, 2022 /⁨⁩/ — How much does a stage backdrop cost?

Stage backdrops come in wide array of shapes, sizes, and textures. While once …


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Stage backdrops are meant to make an impression, but how much do they cost?

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, August 1, 2022 / — How much does a stage backdrop cost?

Stage backdrops come in wide array of shapes, sizes, and textures. While once upon a time, pipe and drape backdrops were the norm, this isn’t the case anymore as new products become more affordable and far easier to install. Not to mention, backdrop innovations have taken the industry in new and exciting directions.

A backdrop at a conference or special event is meant to make an impression. With the materials and technology available now, stage backdrops are breaking new ground and becoming as much a part of a brand as anything else.

That said, many often wonder whether or not certain types of backdrops are feasible given the event budget. Determining the actual cost of a stage backdrop does involve several details. Meaning, that no two events are alike and no two backdrops are going to be alike.

Because of the various products available for setting up a stage backdrop, costs are going to range. It’s therefore difficult to give one solid figure or number. Below are some insights that may help companies that are budgeting for a stage backdrop for an upcoming event.

Pipe and Drape Backdrops

As mentioned, pipe and drape backdrops are very traditional event backdrops. With a series of upright and crossbar pipes fitted with drapes, the backdrop is certainly adequate. And consequently, brands pay for adequate. There really aren’t many bells and whistles here beyond color. With this type of stage backdrop, while companies may save some money, it shows in the otherwise one-dimensional overall look of the backdrop. And this, in turn, does say something about the event, presentation, and brand.

REXframe Seamless Dye Sub Printed Walls

Then there is the REXframe Modular System —ideal for both ground-supported and hanging graphics in full tension. Creating an experience is a given with this stage backdrop system. Using a finishing technique called SEG (Silcone Edge Graphic), a bead of silicone is sewn onto the perimeter of a custom printed dye sub graphic. This SEG edge slips into a channel on the perimeter of the wall frame and holds the graphic in full tension from all four directions.

Taking it even a step further, one company, Expressive Structures , actually utilizes a fabric that has a black vinyl backer which consequently acts as a liner blocking all light from the backstage area. Many clients will place or hang a small dye sub printed wall in combination with pipe and drape as they transition to more dynamic scenic backdrops.

Hard Panel Backdrops

Comprised of a modular frame system, hard panel scenery truly can give a multi-dimensional effect. The structure itself is made up of lightweight aluminum frames covered with acrylic or fabric panels. The frames can be bolted together and configured to meet specific event needs. Meaning, it can be customized to any venue. While it does cost more than pipe and drape, the effect is immediate, powerful, and completely dynamic. And this translates to the brand and increasing the level of audience engagement achieved during the event.

Frameset Backdrops

Frameset is emerging as the go-to alternative to pipe and drape backdrops at the smaller venues. These are fast fold frames with versatile covers. Great for ballrooms and less conventional event spaces. And frameset is easy to set up; given the flexibility and ease of use with frameset, the cost really is affordable—think about the impact on audiences when they walk into the room.

Why Go with a Modular Stage Backdrop?

Will a company pay more than they would for pipe and drape if they opt for a modular solution? Most likely the answer is yes. However, when a comparison of the two options are made, a true examination of return on investment… modular backdrops such as, REXframe, Hard Panels scenic and Frameset emerge as the winning solution. What does a modular stage backdrop give brands that can’t be achieved with pipe and drape…

A more dramatic atmosphere that engages audiences

The chance to spotlight brand and meeting themes

A professional-looking backdrop that takes brands to another level


The ability to set up quickly and ship compactly

In the end, it’s all about creating an experience that engages audiences, drives conversions, and leaves a lasting impression. And this is exactly what a modular stage backdrop can do for brands.

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