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THE END By John Krondes And The Jordanaires Hits Radio, ELVIS Movie Hits Theaters; The Interworld Planes Meet For Elvis

Lost Memphis Sound Blasts Through Barriers Of The Interworld, Breaks Decades Of Silence And Thrusts

The Spirit Of Elvis Presley To Earth With John Krondes



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Elvis Presley’s Best Friend and Road Manager Joe Esposito with John Krondes


Reggie Young, John Krondes, Ronnie Tutt


Actress, Model, and Playboy Playmate Cathy St. George with Celebrity Psychic John Cohan

Lost Memphis Sound Blasts Through Barriers Of The Interworld, Breaks Decades Of Silence And Thrusts
The Spirit Of Elvis Presley To Earth With John Krondes

The ‘Hit Making Team’ project breathes new life for Elvis”

— Elvis Presley’s Best Friend Joe Esposito

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2022 / — HOLLYWOOD NEWS…WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF THE UNEXPLAINED!!! It’s a milestone day in Rock ‘N Roll And Elvis History today June 24, 2022. Again, like it was before prior to August 16, 1977 the name, spirit, and aura of Elvis Presley is everywhere. “ELVIS”, Baz Luhrman’s movie hits theaters today and makes the King larger than life as does the digital Blasts to thousands of Radio Stations and other media worldwide with the release of THE END by John Krondes and the Jordanaires. Millions of fans around the globe mourned what they believed was the loss of Elvis and the adored Memphis Sound. Well, now thanks to the powers at be from Rock ‘N Roll Heaven that may not be the case now in 2022. Movie Maker and Producer Baz Luhrman and Singer / Songwriter John Krondes have much in common both working in parallel motion for the past few years creating genius projects that will keep the spirit of Elvis Presley alive for generations to come. While the world rested at night, John Krondes maintained his persistent Rock ‘N Roll Mission to Save The Memphis Sound. Music Industry Executives, Publishers, Media, and Fans are wholly baffled at how Singer John Krondes has been able to make the impossible possible, and reel in all of Elvis Presley’s original musicians and singers to make what represents the very first New Recordings since the death of Elvis in 1977. It’s really mind boggling. John Krondes has amassed a treasure chest of close to 100 New Recordings with anyone and everyone that played and sang with Elvis Presley. Music Industry Professionals are over-awed at how John Krondes unknowingly stepped into a “Pot Of Gold” (as his Dad’s song THE END says) capturing irreplaceable moments in time. Several of Elvis Presley’s legendary musicians like DJ Fontana, Ronnie Tutt, Reggie Young, Bobby Emmons, Mike Leech, Gordon Stoker, Neal Matthews, Myrna Smith, Millie Kirkham, and others have passed to Rock “N Roll Heaven after playing on the scores of New Recordings by John Krondes. The epic new music masters by John Krondes include the TCB Band, American Sound Studios Band, Jordanaires, Stamps, Imperials, Sweet Inspirations, Elvis Horns and more.

This fully interconnected mystical story began with THE END. Noted Songwriter Jimmy Krondes, also John’s Dad, co-wrote THE END a/k/a “At The End Of A Rainbow” which first became a Mega Hit in 1958 by Earl Grant. Following Destiny’s Calling, both Elvis Presley and John Krondes sang THE END and are forever now bound in a twist of fate and spirit through this magical famous love song. Elvis Presley chose THE END to serenade Priscilla Beaulieu on the piano in Germany on the night they met. Fate’s Call also was the causation for the composer’s son John Krondes to years later record THE END with Elvis Presley’s original Back-Up Group The Jordanaires. Worldwide airplay and listeners calling radio stations asking if it were Elvis Presley with the Jordanaires drew the interest of the whole of the Elvis Presley music entourage, including his Best Friend and Road Manager Joe Esposito. Joe Esposito quickly took over the management and promotion of the Elvis Hit Making Team project and spent his remaining years helping John Krondes starting and moving forward dozens of historical New Recordings with the Elvis Presley Hit Team. Joe Esposito was at many recording sessions and together with the help and support of Criterion / Universal Publisher Bo Goldsen launched the recordings of staple Elvis favorites “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, “My Way”, “It’s Impossible”, “Always On My Mind”, and suitcases full of original compositions by Jimmy Krondes, with Paul Evans, and other famous composers, as well as originals written by John Krondes with Evans and by himself. Joe Esposito wrote to media prophetically stating, “The ‘Hit Making Team’ project breathes new life for Elvis.”

CDX Nashville has begun sending digital download blasts of THE END by John Krondes and the Jordanaires. to Radio Stations, TV Stations, Newspapers, Promoters, and other media worldwide. Radio and media are also welcome to request the Download Links to THE END as well as a 90 Minute Radio Special “ELVIS ALIVE – A New Beginning” produced by Joe Esposito just prior to his 2016 passing. Many of the epic John Krondes recordings and interviews are offered to fans in this divine product. Contact CDX Nashville for service of these products at, – Tel: 615-292-0123.

Europe’s #1 Country Music Radio Station, CMR Nashville was one of the first great international stations to add THE END by John Krondes and the Jordanaires to its playlist for July 1, 2022. THE END will also be played on the Lee Williams Show Fridays and Saturdays at Noon and Midnight – 2 hour show. CMR announced it will also be airing the ELVIS ALIVE – A New Beginning Radio Special. CMR Nashville broadcasts to over 80 Countries around the world via the internet from its UK Studios. Listeners can tune in at, download the app, or go to TuneIn – and Request To Hear THE END * Tel: +44 (0)203 371 8163 or Email:

Celebrity Psychic John Cohan explained, “The otherworldy connections between Elvis Presley and John Krondes are very real. As earthlings, none of us would understand it. The music world is puzzled to say the least by John Krondes, and are asking lot’s of questions. The answer everyone is looking for as to how this is all possible lies somewhere At The End Of A Rainbow!”

Follow John Krondes on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @johnkrondes for more Rock ‘N Roll News, music, and information. Check Out John Krondes’ Instagram Reels: “THE END” John Krondes, “IT’S IMPOSSIBLE” John Krondes; also hear “THE END” Earl Grant. See also John Krondes Featured at . PR Contact -Ed Lozzi, Edward Lozzi & Associates PR * 310-922-1200 * . Stay Tuned Fans, there’s definitely more to come!!!

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