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THE END Is A New Beginning For Elvis, The Memphis Sound, And Music Fans Around The World

John Krondes and the Elvis Hit Team Excite Music Lovers All Over The World With 1st New Recordings Since 1977. The New Memphis Rock Breaks Deafening Silence.



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Elvis Presley Musicians Reggie Young and Ronnie Tutt With John Krondes At Nashville Recording Studio


Elvis Presley’s Best Friend and Road Manager Joe Esposito with John Krondes at Los Angeles Recording Studio


Joe Esposito was the Best Man at Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s Wedding on May 1, 1967

John Krondes and the Elvis Hit Team Excite Music Lovers All Over The World With 1st New Recordings Since 1977. The New Memphis Rock Breaks Deafening Silence.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2022 / — HOLLYWOOD NEWS…THE END of the physical life of King Elvis Presley on August 16, 1977 caused a silencing of the adored Memphis Sound. For a few decades since, music fans could hear a pin drop waiting for more Memphis Style Rock And Roll.

Well, there’s great news for music appreciatos. Breaking News suggests that The End is really Not The End but a New Beginning. Universal Music Publishing Group recently announced a major deal to represent the Elvis Presley Catalog.

It was stated therein that 2022 is shaping up to be a banner year for Elvis. There is the highly anticipated soon release of the Elvis Movie, and a planned release of THE END by John Krondes and the Jordanaires followed by more of the epic new recordings by Singer / Songwriter John Krondes and the original Elvis Presley music entourage. Universal Music Publishing Group Chief Operating Officer Mac Cimino and Jody Gerson CEO expressed they couldn’t be more excited and honored in making sure that Elvis’ iconic legacy endures for generations to come. It is kind of cosmically looking as though Elvis has reappeared in a new life form and his music making machine is back. Universal Music Publishing Group ironically is also the Publisher of THE END a/k/a “At The End Of A Rainbow” which was written by John Krondes’ father Jimmy Krondes and Sid Jacobson. THE END became a worldwide hit from its first release by Earl Grant in 1958.

Fatefully, Elvis Presley chose THE END to serenade Priscilla Beauliieu with on the piano in Germany on the night they met. Decades later, the composer’s son John Krondes ended up recording THE END with the Jordanaires who backed up Elvis Presley spurring global airplay, fans calling radio stations to hear THE END, and Elvis Presley’s original musicians joining with John Krondes to make new music.

Many now believe it was an Order from Rock ‘N Roll Heaven that thrust John Krondes forward, paired with Elvis Presley to restore and deliver another chapter of the Memphis Sound. By some unexplained otherworldly arrangement between Elvis Presley and John Krondes, there are now close to 100 New Recordings with John and the Elvis Hit Team leaving no doubt that Elvis is alive. As part of destiny’s calling; Elvis Presley’s Best Man, Best Friend, and 20 year Road Manager Joe Esposito discovered John Krondes and spearheaded the Elvis Hit Making Team recording project until his death in 2016. Joe Esposito ordered Krondes and the Elvis musicians to make new recordings of some of his Best Friend Elvis’ favorite songs. Prior to his passing Joe Esposito had a new wave of recordings started at Hilltop Recording Studio in Nashville, TN that include “My Way”, “It’s Impossible”, “Always On My Mind”, “Welcome To My World”, and others, including several original compositions. John Krondes astoundingly even has a new modern recording of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” with the original Jordanaires who backed-up Elvis Presley on the same song in 1961, and the Elvis girl group the Sweet Inspirations. These remarkable and historical new tracks and others are being completed now in 2022 with the recording of the strings and horns.

It certainly is coming together as a Banner Year For Elvis! However any of these impossible events are possible and coming to fruition, it does also confirm that ages old philosophy that History Repeats Itself. As to the possibility and chances of the John Krondes recordings with all the original Elvis Presley musicians; music industry experts, media, and fans are wholly puzzled. What happened before unexplainably is happening again. Elvis Presley has through John Krondes arrived again on earth somehow in a different form. The famed Greek Philosopher Socrates (469 BC-399 BC) summed it up perfectly. Socrates explained that everything living has been born of the dead, thus when the person dies must not the soul live again? Chinese Philosopher Zhuang Zhou (369 BC-286 BC) theorized that death and life are never-ceasing transformations. They are not the end of a beginning. Accordingly, THE END is a New Beginning for Elvis Presley and his music making machine, the Memphis Sound, and for longing music fans all over the world.

John Krondes is a hot topic, he is a complete mystery; so much so that he’s been branded Hollywod’s “Mystery Man”. The entertainment world has no clue how Krondes has reeled in Elvis Presley’s TCB Band, American Sound Studio Band, DJ Fontana, Ronnie Tutt, Jordanaires, Stamps, Imperials, Sweet Inspirations, Millie Kirkham, Elvis Horns, and others to make epic new recordings. Even more exciting,, valuable, and mystifying is the fact that John Krondes had the Sixth Sense to capture all the original Presley players before some of them died.

Celebrity Psychic John Cohan explains, “the world is enthralled by John Krondes. He is a living episode of The Twilight Zone. All kidding aside, this is all very real and proof that earthlings have no control over what is made and ordered by the higher universe. What is meant to be will be. Elvis did not want to die and the will of the celestial powers has destined John Krondes to carry on the Memphis Sound.”

John Krondes has drawn over a million new followers on Instagram @johnkrondes who are being over stimulated by all the flurry of Rock ‘N Roll News, Instagram Reel teasers of his new music, and photos of John and all the King’s Men and Women, confirming the surreal facts that this is all really happening despite the mountain of odds.

Follow John Krondes on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @johnkrondes for more Rock ‘N Roll News, music, and information. Check Out John Krondes’ Instagram Reels: “It’s Impossible” John Krondes ; also hear “THE END” Bee Gees ; “THE END” John Krondes . See also John Krondes Featured at . PR Contact -Ed Lozzi, Edward Lozzi & Associates PR * 310-922-1200 * . Stay Tuned Fans, there’s definitely more to come!!!

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