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Trident AB Ranks as the Most-Trusted A/B Testing Tool on Shopify

Result-driven multivariate A/B Testing platform for website optimization and conversion rate growth on Shopify e-commerce stores with a code-free setup.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 26, 2022 /⁨⁩/ — Trident AB promotes …


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High intent optimization for A/B testing on Shopify stores.

The most trusted A/B testing solution for Shopify Stores: Trident AB

Most trusted A/B Testing Tool on Shopify

Optimize your product listings with the Trident AB Shopify App.

Result-driven multivariate A/B Testing platform for website optimization and conversion rate growth on Shopify e-commerce stores with a code-free setup.

Shopify merchants are empowered to make impactful, data-driven marketing decisions with Trident AB”

— Founder, Trident AB

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 26, 2022 / — Trident AB promotes result-oriented A/B testing that elevates optimization of all the web pages on Shopify store websites using multi-variate testing for high-intent conversions. It is a one-stop solution to run experiments, and test ideas for product pages, pricing, copywriting, images, and product page layouts in order to find out what converts best.

According to the data from Psychology Today, an average American consumer makes 35000 decisions every day, giving him/her two seconds on an average to make a decision. This compounded with the available options for similar products gives a visitor less than 100 milliseconds to decide whether they should stay on your Shopify store or explore other options. Trident AB is an extremely strong tool to create a seamless, optimized website to ensure the visitor stays. It allows merchants to compare the performance of variations against one another by presenting each version to users at random and analyzing the results. This equips stores to convert visitors into high-intent consumers. Trident AB effectively uses A/B testing to find the perfect combination of elements on your website to make customers convert.

A/B testing is the process of comparing two versions of a web page or email to see which one performs better. A/B testing determines whether a change (such as changing the color of a button) affects click-through rates (CTRs), conversion rates, and other important metrics. The process of comparing variables of elements begins with the awareness of what needs to be changed. In most cases, merchants are unaware of what’s not working on their websites. This prerequisite for A/B testing makes the process tiresome and less efficient. Trident AB gives Shopify stores the flexibility to determine what elements they want to test, which users to target, and how many variants to include. Its automated process allows merchants to set up quick tests without coding and expands the scope for experimentation with its unlimited simultaneous testing. ‘Shopify merchants are empowered to make impactful, data-driven marketing decisions with Trident AB’ Founder, Trident AB.

Each element on every webpage of your Shopify store can have limitless variations in countless aspects, such as color, size, content, placement, layouts, messaging, packaging, design, and more. Factoring all these elements in A/B testing demands a thorough knowledge of UX, design, writing, and marketing to simply run the tests. Interpretation of test results, implementation of the winning variable, and efficient use of the data collected requires a new set of skills, a massive amount of time, and ample resources. Trident AB’s testing is designed to save time, increase efficiency and boost productivity. It maximizes results by leveraging all the data input to create high-converting web pages and winning digital experiences.

Trident AB is designed to channel intuition-based decisions into data-driven analytics to back the validity of each business decision. It uses inputs from merchants to run customer insight tests to deliver a combination that works best. You can witness the impact of A/B testing on your most important business metrics, like revenue and engagement, and whether or not they are statistically significant. The combination of elements that convert best can be implemented widely with just one click.

Trident AB improves operational efficiency with its timesaving technology and impactful improvement. Series of right decisions is a key to gaining high-intent visitors. Trident AB ensures that each experimentation leads to exponential growth in targeted decision-making. Elements of an app, page, ad, or email that can be A/B tested include headlines or subject lines, call-to-action forms, imagery, layout, language, fonts, and colors. A/B testing one change at a time shows which affected users’ behavior and which didn’t. Updating user experience with the “winning” changes improves the overall user experience, ultimately optimizing it for success. The financial and opportunity cost of taking the incorrect decision can be minimized through idea testing on Trident AB with its multi-element testing and analytical flexibility.

Trident AB’s intuitive dashboard is designed to cater to the needs of Shopify merchants. The A/B tests can be run within Shopify’s product editor for higher efficiency and maximized profitability. The critical statistical reports are presented in an easy-to-understand format, making them efficient for all merchants.

Trident AB offers a totally risk-free way for you to run the tests and extract a detailed analysis of experimentation that creates highly optimized web pages. Unlike other third-party A/B testing apps, Trident A/B is fully integrated with Shopify and leverages Shopify’s existing code-base and infrastructure to run its tests without compromising the site speed.

Shopify supports over 1.75 million businesses globally to date, and the number continues to surge. The high saturation of businesses results in higher competition to achieve the desired conversion rate. Creating an online e-commerce store needs to be more than just listing products and having a website. A minor error on any webpage can have an impact on conversions, traffic, and other metrics. Trident AB’s priority support, customizable interface, and effortless setup allow merchants to reach their target audience with a personalized setup designed to meet the goals of each merchant.

A well-designed product listing can help increase profits for an online business. Customers can easily find the product they need, compare it with other offers, view product reviews, and ultimately make a purchase. If the customer isn’t satisfied with the design or quality of the information received, they are likely to be disappointed and leave the resource. This is a direct loss for any business. Trident AB has imbibed this in its features to create robust product listing testing to maximize conversion and increase profitability.

Trident AB secured the rank of the most trusted A/B testing tool on Shopify owing to its cost-effective services, priority support, customer-conscious feature updates, and impeccable range of features. Trident AB has proven to be an investment that pays for itself for many Shopify users. Its rapid set-up, no coding interface, easy-to-read reports, and analytical results make it the top A/B testing tool on Shopify in 2022.

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Trident AB: Result-driven multivariate A/B Testing

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