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What Inspires Industrial Designer Sofia von Hauske

NY Art Life interviews we're speaking to Sofia von Hauske, an award-winning industrial designer. A brilliant designer who draws inspiration from pulsating NYC

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, December 2, 2022 /⁨⁩/ — Industrial …


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Sofia von Hauske


Lamp “Aura”


Silicone bracelet design for Cosmic Camp

NY Art Life interviews we’re speaking to Sofia von Hauske, an award-winning industrial designer. A brilliant designer who draws inspiration from pulsating NYC

The harmonic vision of form is cultivated with extreme passion minute by minute.”

— Sofia von Hauske

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, December 2, 2022 / — Industrial designers are responsible for the things we use, see, and feel every day. In terms of inventiveness, usefulness, and art, they have hit the bullseye. NY Art Life is pleased to have an exclusive interview with industrial designer Sofia von Hauske. Sofia talks about her profession, personal projects and work projects, awards, inspiration, and New York.

Sofia’s Accomplishments

Sofia von Hauske discusses choosing her industrial design career and being proud of everything she has accomplished so far. An artist who has won honors for her unique ideas. In 2021, her inspiring project, Aura, got a NewStar Award for the C-Idea Design Award. It is a notable project designed for kids’ security at night. She talked about how it was something to mitigate kids’ nighttime fears which gets them less and poorer quality sleep. Aura also got an Honorable Mention Award in the Loop Design Awards 2022.
As an industrial designer at Friends of, she had CAMP, a toy store that offers family experiences, as a client. The toy store had a collaboration with Disney, wherein they developed objects for Disney experiences. Specifically, she has designed and created a Space Communicator Bracelet, Shrink Ray, Shrink Ray Bag, Transponders, Microchips, and a Magical Candle. Sofia is a huge Disney fan. Being able to design and develop projects for Disney was a dream come true as it combined her interests. If you happen to visit one of CAMP’s branches, you will notice these items, and you will know that Sofia is the one who designed and created them.

Art And Utility

Moreover, Sofia Sofia von Hauske provided insights about discovering the medium between art and utility in the interview. From finding inspiration everywhere to her favorite spot in New York and finding the city as a city of possibilities. “Curiosity inspires me to imagine things. Things that are pretty and beneficial,” she mentioned. She told NY Art Life how she views the world in wonder as she is a curious person. She also shared a piece of advice to young artists worldwide, saying that there will be some life circumstances that either push one to pursue their art or pull them back from it.
Originally from Mexico City, Sofia first moved to New York when she was 16 years old. From 2016 to 2017, she was at ATLASON studio where she helped main designers with the research, concept design, and development of the studio’s clients as an intern. Afterwards, she was an in-house designer for JCB Haus. Then, she was an industrial designer under the research and development team of Glo Science from February to May 2018. Sofia also taught how to visualize ideas using the graphic design website Canva as part of the Girls Write Now program. Following that, she was an industrial designer for Tangible Creative for almost three years. Her experiences have made her an expert in Adobe Creative Cloud, 3D modeling, 3D rendering, prototyping, and digital photography.

You can catch the exclusive interview NY Art Life magazine here.

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